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Understanding Special Education Behavior Interventions

When a student acts out in school, the traditional response was disciplinary action aimed solely at fixing problematic behavior. That quick response has led to many children with disabilities missing out on important school activities and educational opportunities. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act provides vital requirements to achieve more positive outcomes when a student with disabilities acts out. We guide families through these critical junctions to ensure the procedures are followed properly and to protect the rights of our clients.

Compassionate Guidance And Representation In School Behavior Matters

Parents often feel torn and confused when a child acts out in school. We understand these concerns. There are a variety of systems that may be employed to address behavioral tools in school. Functional behavioral assessments and positive behavioral interventions are common matters associated with an individualized education plan (IEP) for special education students. The focus of these processes is to hone in on why the behavior is occurring and find solutions to address the source.

Unfortunately, schools do not always provide parents with sufficient guidance to allow them to understand the obligations associated with a behavioral intervention plan. Our lawyers are well-versed in special education law and can help you through the processes to ensure your rights — and your child’s rights — are properly protected.

We have experience representing clients in matters related to:

  • Behavior interventions
  • Setting behavior goals in a student’s IEP
  • Functional behavior assessments aimed at discovering the causes of behavior
  • Behavior support plans, which are aimed at identifying how behaviors impede learning
  • Emergency interventions available only in emergency situations

In addition, California law includes the ability for parents and the IEP team to conduct a functional analysis assessment. That assessment expands the scope of behavior plans to evaluate what has worked and what has not worked in an existing plan.

Turn To Respected Special Education Lawyers To Protect Your Child’s Opportunities

Our trusted special education attorneys can walk with you through behavioral interventions, explain your rights and help you to move forward with your child’s special education services. To arrange a consultation with a compassionate lawyer in San Diego, send us an online message or call 619-757-1290.