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What Is A Special Education Compliance Complaint?

It is tempting to trust that the existence of a written individualized education plan (IEP) will satisfy the educational needs of a child. Special education parents likely know that there are mechanisms in place aimed at keeping the parents informed of the child’s educational progress under an IEP. Parents are supposed to receive a copy of the IEP at the conclusion of the IEP meeting. Once the parents approve the plan, there may be an expectation that the child’s needs will be met. Parents should know that the plan will be subject to review, and the school should provide reports to allow parents to see the progress their child is making under the plan.

Fighting For Your Child’s Right To Special Education

At The Law Office of Meagan Nuñez in San Diego, our lawyers understand how hard you have worked to provide your child with access to the benefits of an IEP. It is critical to your child’s education that the school follows the plan, or properly modifies a plan that is not working. When the school fails to comply with the terms of the plan, a parent has the right to file a complaint with the California Department of Education.

After going through all the appropriate steps to create and approve an IEP, some parents have concerns over the implementation of an IEP. Common disputes that lead to a compliance complaint may include:

  • The failure to implement the plan, or services written into an overall plan
  • The failure of the school to conduct the annual IEP follow-up meeting
  • The failure to provide proper records on a timely basis

While creating an IEP is a vital step toward ensuring your child is receiving the free and appropriate education that he or she deserves, the program must be implemented and followed properly to provide the intended benefit. Our zealous special education lawyers are committed to helping you and your child obtain the full special educational services that your child deserves.

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